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General Society of Works and Security (SGTS)

S.G.T.S is the best choice for all your installation work of electrical networks, video-surveillance and any equipment and security system.

Studies and Achievements

Study of your projects and needs in electrical installation in strong and weak current with complete assistance

  • Definition of equipment to implement to ensure the best quality/price ratio.
  • Studies of the architecture of the different networks.
  • Design of electrical diagrams on DAO.
  • Definition of the specifications

Electricity and Networks

Execution of turnkey electrical work in strong and weak current in the fields of industrial and building.

  • Computer and telephone network.
  • MV / LV transformer station.
  • TGBT and electrical cabinets.
  • Public lights.
  • Generator.

Video surveillance - Alarm - Fire

  • Intelligent software management with facial recognition.
  • Fire detection system and automatic shutdown.
  • Facilities Analog cameras, IP, Thermal …
  • Network fire armed RIA with water booster.
  • Access control and pointing.
  • Anti-intrusion system.

Special Security Equipment

For state security agencies and for the fight against terrorism.



S.G.T.S Group is a Tunisian company specialized in the studies and the execution of the electric installations, It accompanies you in your projects until their realizations. The qualification and the expertise of his staff allow to serve you in all domains of electricity.

Our skills in electricity touch the works of the industrial, residential and commercial installations in High and Low Current including all the security system and IT Network installation.

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Vision and Strategy of SGTS.

Our philosophy is fundamentally about one thing: “to exceed customer expectations“.

Customer Approche

The mission that SGTS has set itself is focused on the total satisfaction of customer needs.

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Support and Training

SGTS provides support and training to promote knowledge of technologies and products

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Quality Certifications

Most important Certification of Quality

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Special Security Equipment

The Wall

  High Security perimeter fence equipped with an intrusion detection system with 0% false alarm rate. Intrusion detection event by cutting or destruction of the fencing or attempt to jump. Without calibration needs and immune to weather events, actions of animals or plans. Designed to allow installation on paths of any size, length, shape or unevenness. C5 certification for environments with hostile climate. Specific modules of slope and corner for easy installation. Unattended, reliable and Secure.  


The “VISION SYSTEM DIGISCOPE 360 °” for vehicles is intended to equip a vehicle operating in difficult conditions. It facilitates the steering of the vehicle (especially during maneuvers) and provides a peripheral vision of the environment to the drivers and passengers of the vehicle safely before committing their actions.

Robot for people’s security

Proytecsa Security has been collaborating closely with national security forces and agencies, financial entities, railway companies, public administrations and private corporations for over 25 years. This has given us a strong position on the international scene and made us a benchmark brand in the security industry.

Retractable bollards for automatic PASS

Configuration features (intermittent warning lights integrated in the PILOMAT head, acoustic buzzer warning, automatic retraction devices in the event of a blackout, emergency fast raising booster, traffic warning lights, heating circuits, remote control and plant management systems, etc.)

Robot for people’s security

Proytecsa Security is a Spanish company with a clear international outlook whose headquarters are in Madrid and whose main facilities are in Huesca. Our mission is to design, develop, produce and sell our own technological solutions adapted to the specific Security and Defence needs of our national and international customers.

Retractable bollards for automatic PASS

These bollards can be configured with multiple optional articles, according to the installation requirements, for example: Command features (radio transmitters, inductive badges, vehicle entrance tags, key-operated selectors, numerical key pads, timers – etc.) Security features (inductive loops, infrared/ultrasonic detection sensors, etc.)

Checkpoint Security

Baggage and Parcel Inspection

The Brands we Install

Works and References

We quote this after some of our projects and technical realizations.


SGT Sécurity Headquarters is located in Tunisia.

Adress: 25 Bis Rue Jallouli Farès – Cité Ennasr 1 - Tunisia

Phone : +216 70 851 034

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